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Cast Products' Railway Components

Cast Products operates the Union Junction Foundry, one of the largest foundries in the Southern Hemisphere. Renowned for its excellence, Cast Products is a key supplier in the railway industry, specializing in a range of critical components for locomotives and freight cars.

At Cast Products, we take pride in our ability to manufacture single-piece, thin-walled locomotive and passenger car bogie frames, along with various freight car components and high-integrity steel railway wheels. These components are vital for the smooth operation and safety of railway systems, ensuring efficient transportation of goods and passengers across vast distances.

Our commitment to quality and reliability is reflected in our approval from the American Association of Railroads. This accreditation validates our capability to produce top-notch locomotive frames, freight car side frames, bolsters, and cast steel railway wheels, meeting the stringent standards of the railway industry.

Recently, Cast Products has invested in cutting-edge technology to enhance our production capabilities further. Our state-of-the-art production line features a closed-loop molding facility, a 40-ton-per-hour sand reclamation plant, and in-line after-cast processing within the Union Junction foundry premises. These advancements allow us to streamline our manufacturing processes, ensuring efficiency and precision in every component we produce.

With our upgraded facilities, Cast Products can now manufacture a remarkable 3,150 sets of freight wagon bogie components annually, totaling an impressive 11,200 tons of output. This increased production capacity enables us to meet the growing demands of the railway sector while maintaining the highest standards of quality and performance.

Whether it's locomotive frames, passenger car bogie frames, or freight car components, Cast Products remains at the forefront of innovation and excellence in the railway industry. Our unwavering commitment to delivering superior products has earned us the trust of railway operators and manufacturers worldwide.

At Cast Products, we understand the critical role that railways play in modern transportation systems. That's why we continue to invest in advanced technologies and processes to ensure that our components meet the evolving needs of the railway industry, contributing to safer, more efficient, and sustainable transportation solutions for the future.

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