Cast Products South Africa

Cast Product has over the years strategically aligned itself to support the industries and markets that drive the South African economy.
From mining that unearths the wealth beneath our feet to the railways that transports them and power generation that enables the economy to function; and general engineered products to cover all other market segments
Cast Products is the leading manufacturer of specialized, high-quality cast steel products used in the mining, railway, power and general engineering industries.

Cast Products comprises five foundry plants and is one of the largest foundry groups in the southern hemisphere.

These foundries are located in South Africa and have distribution facilities across Australia.

The extensive foundry network enables Cast Products to streamline production of wide variety of products, including large- girth gear segments; large, high-chromium, iron coal-pulverising wear parts; mill liners; slag pots; locomotive frames and cast mono block railways wheels.

Cast Products has established a reputation of meeting customer's product, quality and delivery requirements, and has developed strong long-term relationships with leading industry players.